One Critique & I'm Labeled a Hater

That "Living in NYC" post ruffled feathers. So before people riot, come let us reason together.

I love it and I hate NYC. It has made me an entrepreneur, but I can see why it landed #1 for unhappiest - the reasons why I hate it. I have posts and a separate website for my love of this city. No other city in the world compares. I have a critique of hometown Chicago. Anyone who asks me about Chicago I lay it out bare - politics violence and arctic cold - but it still has redeeming character.


A New Yorker made me fall in love. Sometimes I think our differences are problems, but as he looks beyond my failings to see more so too I see more in him. It's the Ugly side of the Good Bad & Ugly.

I would ask if what I said was untrue and whether I am biased just towards NYC? I think when my writings on Chg & NYC are viewed as a whole it shows that I am guilty of being brutally honest. Actually, of all the places I've lived, LA was my least favorite. Maybe that explains why I don't have any posts on LA. Doubt I will ever move back to Chicago, but I still view it as my dysfunctional hometown.

Why is it a sin to criticize a city that allows real estate developers to have a separate entrance for "poor" residents? It did not land #1 on unhappiest by happenstance. Before I am labeled a NYC hater or as a friend said "end up in the East River," read all of NYC posts then judge. You'll find true to my moniker that all I did was reveal the good, bad, and ugly.

Next up, Chicago's good, bad, and ugly. Hopefully, my hometown will appreciate my tough love and still allow me to partake a Vienna beef hot dog and some Giordano's pizza. As for NYC, in the words of Heavy D, "I got nuttin' but love for you baby."

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